The 7th International Literary Marathon Novo Mesto 2008 which took place on 22 November 2008 in Novo Mesto was organised by the Voluntary Work Development Society Novo Mesto, the Association of the Slovenians of the Republic of Srpska TRIGLAV Banja Luka and the Literary Club Dragotin Kette from Novo Mesto.

The gatherings were intended for literary discussions, the connecting and promotion of literature of young poets and writers from Novo Mesto and Banja Luka. The 7th Marathon was attended by 4 young Serbian and 2 Slovenian literary authors. The following poets from Banja Luka presented their works to the audience of Novo Mesto: Tanja Stupar Trifunović, author of three collections of poems and a book with short stories, Željko Đurđević, author of three collections of poems, Zlatko Jurić, author of four collections of poems and Tatjana Bijelić, author of two collections of poems. The marathon was also attended by the hosts, members of the Literary Club Dragotin Kette – poets Samo Dražumerič and Blaž Simič. The young artists were thus given the opportunity to make connections and meet other cultures, as well as the possibility for their works to be translated and published in literary magazines, and also to be presented through their works at independent literary evening.