As part of presentation of national minorities, our Association organised the gathering of Slovenian choirs.
In the afternoon of 1 October 2011, culinary specialties and ethnological characteristics of national minorities were presented at Krajina Square in Banja Luka.

Stands were beautifully arranged and contained sweet and salty snacks, original food and beverages, promotional brochures, while richness of national costumes was also shown. Songs and melodies of different peoples were heard.


The entertaining programme was dedicated primarily to children where the artist and animator Sten Vilar entertained not only the children but also numerous adults. He took them all to a wonderful world of fairytales.


At 18.00 hrs the programme entitled "Gathering of Slovenian Choirs" started. Participants were: Mixed choir "Camerata Slovenica" of Slovenian Cultural Association Cankar from Sarajevo, Mixed choir "Davorin Jenko" of the Association of Slovenians „Triglav“ Banja Luka, Male choir "Maj" from Kranj, as well as the following guests: Cultural Association "Lino Mariani” from Pula and Norby Kovač with group Mužlja from Vojvodina.

"Ukusi tradicije" - foto-galerija