Slovenian poets of young generation Klavdija Kotar, Samo Dražumerić, Blaž Simič and David Šušel made a performance on Thursday in the Cultural Centre Banski dvor in Banja Luka. Participants to the literary night were also poets of Banja Luka - Aleksandra Čvorović, Tatjana Bijelić, Zlatko Jurić, Željko Đurđević and Tanja Stupar – Trifunović.

Visit of Slovenian poets to the city on the Vrbas River is a return visit of last year’s stay of authors of Banja Luka in Novo Mesto, while both events are a product of cooperation between Slovenian poets and Banja Luka Branch of Association of Poets of Srpska (UKS RS).
“The visit is part of, as we call it, the Eighth International Literary Cooperation between poets of Slovenian region of Dolenjska and Banja Luka poets of young generation. This project has not finished yet; next year, we plan to issue a bilingual Serbian-Slovenian collection of poems”, poet Klavdija Kotar said and added that she and her colleagues are satisfied with the implementation of the part of this event taking place in Banja Luka, organised by UKS RS and Association of the Slovenians “Triglav”.
“This is my first performance abroad and I’m proud of what we made together. It was nice and I think that we added something to both regions”, Šušel stated, and Simič concluded that the entire evening had a good tempo and vibration, and that this visit will be merely a step forward in further cooperation and mutual gatherings of poets.  

(Source: Nezavisne novine, 14.11.2009.)