The month of December is a month of holidays, gifts, but it is also a month in which we summarize the results of our successful or unsuccessful projects, our realized or unfulfilled wishes.

The Association of Slovenians of RS Triglav Banja Luka can proudly state that all planned activities, covered through numerous projects, have been successfully completed, and our wish to have our own space for work and socializing has come true.

On December 17, members of the Executive Board of the Association organized, on the new premises of the Association, a pre-holiday evening for the senior members of the Association, which, to the great satisfaction of the organizers, largely responded to the invitation. The meeting was also attended by the Consul of the Consular Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Marjan Ristič, as well as a member of the first Executive Board of the Association Triglav, Mrs. Nataša Vranković.

Such gatherings often bring sad memories of our members who are no longer with us, their contributions to the Association's work, jokes and laughter. We remember them with nostalgia, but also with the joy of being a part of us.

With good wine, selected sweet and savory snacks, cheerful conversation and a bit of music, we said goodbye to the old one and happily welcome the New Year.