"At this sacred moment, our people are entering history, which will never be erased again," linguist Fran Ramovš began his first lecture at the newly founded University of Ljubljana on December 3, 1919.

In the first year, almost 950 students enrolled in the university, 28 of them women. Although dominated by men, the first doctor’s degree was given to a woman, which was also rare on a European scale. The title was awarded to Ana Mayer Kansky.
The University of Ljubljana is now celebrating its 100th anniversary. It is among the top three percent of the world's top universities, with nearly forty thousand students studying. On this important anniversary, World Days of Slovenian Science and Arts are held at more than 50 universities around the world. The promotional project World Cultural Days is run by the Slovenian Language Centre as the second and foreign language of the University of Ljubljana, with the participation of all universities taking part in the Slovenian language programme at foreign universities.
The 100th anniversary of the first Slovenian university was celebrated in Banja Luka on 5 December. At the Faculty of Philology, Lecturer Janja Vollmaier Lubej, PhD, prepared a lecture on Slovenian female scientists from the early 20th century. Students of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian and members of the Association of Slovenians Triglav also attended the excellent lecture. Together with the students, they filled the classroom completely and listened with interest to lectures on Alma Karlin, Vida Jeraj, Zofka Kveder, Angela Piskernik, Lili Novy, Alma Sodnik, Ilka Vašte, Meta Vidmar, Marja Borštnik, Ljuba Prenner, Zdenka Adamič, Mira Mihelič, Branislava Sušnik and other women scientists who characterised the time they lived in and significantly influenced the development of Slovenian science and art. After the lecture, it was time to socialize. It was sweet, because Janja Vollmaier Lubej, PhD, brought us traditional Slovenian cake “potica”.