On Saturday, 14 October 2017, the Concert hall of Banski dvor in Banjaluka was the place from which Slovenian songs could be heard. Alliance of Slovenian Associations in BiH “Europe Now” organised the concert hosted by the Association of the Slovenians of the RS “Triglav”.

First, Darko Mijatović, president of the Alliance greeted the attendees. The audience then had the opportunity to hear Women choir “Rože” from Nova Gorica, Men choir “Pivka” from Pivka, Mixed choir “KPD Bazovica” from Rijeka, Mixed choir “Camerata Slovenica” from Sarajevo, Women choir “Slovenčice” from Tuzla and Mixed choir „Davorin Jenko“ from Banjaluka. In the programme which lasted almost two hours we enjoyed a short presentation of each choir and their interesting performance of famous Slovenian folk songs. Choirs showed their singing capabilities and met all the expectations of the audience. The concert was followed by socialising of all choirs on which occasion the Alliance presented thank-you notes to choirs for their participation.